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Upcoming Classes:

Positive Parenting

4 week, small group parenting class.  Learn how to get your children to follow directions on the first try, how you can follow through and be consistent, and empower your child to become a life-long smart thinker and problem-solver.  This class gives ‘assignments’ for you to experiment with during the time in between sessions.  No one will be put in a hot seat but there will be time during each session to ask questions, share successes, and receive feedback.


CHORES: How to Get Your Child to Cooperate and Complete Chores

Are you exhausted? Are you too busy cleaning up to spend time playing with and enjoying your children? Do you worry that your kids are going to be living in a pig-sty or eating off paper plates when they grow up?

Get your kids to help with the chores around the house!  Not only will it reduce the amount of work you have to do, it will also teach them valuable life skills.

How to Get Your Child to Cooperate and Complete Chores will help you take a step out of overwhelm and a step closer to that happy place of enjoying your kids while they are young!

Discipline Decoded

This 4 week class will explore Dr Renee’s 5 C’s of Positive Discipline, briefly touch on Love & Logic parenting, decode an alternate way to discipline, and cover a great system for choosing your battles wisely.  There will be plenty of time to have your questions answered and to share your stories/learn from other participants stories.