About Dr. Renee

IMG_0820Renee Cohn Jones, PsyD, devotion to helping parents stems from her over 20 years of experience working with families and children. Dr. Renee takes a positive, practical approach to parenting.  She supports parents to help decrease the challenges they face and to increase the happiness and laughter in their families.

Dr. Renee believes that no child is too far gone, that no parent is too discouraged, and that no situation is beyond help. A change in the parents’ thoughts or behaviors often means a change in the child, and this change can begin now.  Parent coaching with Dr. Renee is a collaborative relationship where parents’ strengths, experience, and desire for family life to be better can be the most important tools for creating change.  We work together to uncover your strengths and to find the right tools to help you be the best parent you can be.


Clients find Dr. Renee to be easy to relate to, warm, focused and energetic. She understands child development and age-appropriate challenges families face as their children grow up.  This understanding helps her in supporting parents towards the goals of better communication and functioning within their families.

Having children of her own, she knows what it is like as a parent to feel frustrated, angry, sad and sometimes scared. And that is even with all of the training and experience she has including a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a special focus on Children and Families!


Dr. Renee earned her Bachelors degree from the University of Rochester with a concentration on Psychology and Business, an MS in Education from the University of Rochester, an MA in Psychology from the University of Hartford, and obtained her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Graduate Institute of Psychology at the University of Hartford.