Vision: To Make the World a Better Place One Family at a Time

Mission: Bring the Joy and Fun back into Families


 Are you tired of feeling like …

  • You don’t know how to communicate with your children so they listen?

  • You are tired of yelling at your kids in order to get them to do something?

  • You aren’t sure how to deal with certain behaviors that ‘come out of nowhere’ ?

  • You are tired of behaviors that keep happening over and over and over?


Are you ready to …

  • Have peace, love and laughter back in your home?

  • Stop the yelling and nagging?

  • Stop the power struggle with your child?

  • Build your confidence, be consistent and follow through as a parent?

  • Be proactive rather than reactive?

  • Decrease the stress in your life?

  • Enjoy your family (instead of trying to hide from or avoid them)?


Obtaining this might be much easier than you think!


Sometimes parents just need a boost of confidence or validation that what they are doing is right.  Other times, they face a problem they’ve never experienced before and want a new tool for their toolbox.


Helping Parents Parent offers multiple ways for you to solve problems you experience in your family and gain confidence in your parenting.  From private One-on-One Parent Coaching to Online Parent Groups with other parents to Classes, Webinars and Workshops that walk you through specific topics – there are many options for you to get your family functioning the way you want it to be.


So go ahead.  Browse our website using the menu above and learn more about the opportunities you have as a parent to make your life easier and your family life more fun!