One-on-One Coaching


During private One-on-One coaching sessions, I work with parents (not directly with children) via, computer, phone or Skype.


To schedule a coaching session, send an email to


One-on-One coaching will be geared towards helping you solve the immediate problems you face with your child and towards helping you put systems in place for the long run. The goal is for you to become a more confident parent. We will work together to help you build and strengthen your parenting skills and, most importantly, to develop a more positive connection with your child.

All of our work is done in a coaching relationship, not a therapeutic relationship.   If at any point I think you need something other than coaching, I will work with you to find the proper modality (i.e., counseling, therapy, educational classes).


You will receive personalized “homework” to do between sessions. You will also receive email support between sessions (typically two emails).


If you have received a special code, please contact me at


One on One Coaching is Right for You If You can answer YES to any of these questions:

* You have one or more children under the age of 15 years old.

* You have tried to solve family issues on your own and are ready for more support.

* You would like to learn more about age-appropriate behaviors and normal child development, how to build a better connection with your child, and specific parenting skills to help your family.

* You are honest with yourself and realistic about your energy and desire to change the way things currently are.

* You are prepared to put in the proper amount of time and energy to make a change.

* You are open to altering patterns you’ve been stuck in or changing habits that have formed.

* You are interested in suggestions and education customized for your family.

* You just need a bit of encouragement, fine-tuning of strategies, or a few new ideas to bring calm and happiness back into your family.

* You have a sense of humor and like to laugh.

* You want to enjoy spending time with your family again (or for the first time).



Positive Parenting One-on-One Package includes an initial 50 minute intake and three 50 minute parent coaching sessions. We meet over a two month period. The four-session package is for parents who want to put systems in place for the long run, find solutions to power struggles, or to break patterns that the family has settled into.

When you have finished three sessions, you are able to receive discounted and/or special pricing on future coaching packages and other services offered by Helping Parents Parent.


A one-time 90 Minute Parenting Booster session includes two weeks of supportive emails (typically two a week). This one-time session is for parents who want some coaching on a specific, short-term concern. The 90-minute single session is right for you if you feel pretty positive about your family but have a few questions or concerns you would like to sort through.


A one-time 45 Minute Positive Parenting Session:  This one-time session is for parents who want to test out coaching.  It’s a good way to create forward movement on a specific concern with guidance.  Sometimes, this is all your family needs.


To schedule a coaching session, send an email to


The Calendar is currently sending you straight to Paypal and charging full price.  IF you are scheduling a Special or a Complimentary Strategy Session, please email  



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